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Each Other : Jasdero and Devit are twin brothers who are incredibly close to each others. They have absolutely no problem with encroach on the living space of each other, going as far as sitting on each other, and being perpetually clinging to each other. They share an inimitable bond, as their memory would imply, is so strong that they are able to guess what the other twin is thinking, enabling them to use their power. It is so infallible that it would be compared to telepathy, which makes sense considering they were originally the same person. Devit, who generally acts cocky and rude, is very kind to Jasdero, and immediately offers to pay back the strands that were ripped during the fight with the exorcists. He is also a bit directive, being the one who mostly take decisions for both. Jasdero seems to highly trust his brother. It comes as no surprise that they immeasurably care for each others, starting to panic whenever one of them seems to be in danger.

Mine wields a powerful Teigu in the form of a rifle called Roman Artillery: Pumpkin , capable of shooting in three modes: sniper, machine gun and long barrel. In contrast to normal bullets, the relic fires highly concentrated piercing shots of spirit energy, wherein the output is proportional to the user's feeling of danger; however, if used without care, with continuous usage it can overheat. Each firing mode is affected by whatever components are switched out with one another; one component allows her to slash with spirit energy, whereas another allows Mine to fire quicker shots in succession but this considerably lowers her attack power, influencing the machine gun mode. Mine's proficiency in its use allows her to strike any target with extreme precision. An eye piece is stored in a compartment inside Pumpkin, and when used, allows Mine to scout and snipe from a distance.

What is d bolic 10

what is d bolic 10


what is d bolic 10what is d bolic 10what is d bolic 10what is d bolic 10what is d bolic 10