Topical steroids for pets

One of our dogs LOVES to do just this. We ALWAYS forbid him from doing so. Well, one night, my boyfriend (58yrs old) left a very wide mouth jar of moisturizing cream on his nightstand with the top placed upon the opening. NOT Screwed on. Four hours later, when he went up to bed, he discovered that the licker had discovered this security breach and knocked this jar onto the floor and proceeded to lick 7 ozs of this stuff out of the jar-this is a 50 lb dog. Then the smaller one, who is 30lbs licked that part the larger dog couldn't reach-we estimate he got about an ounce or so.

Steroids are ingestible, injectable or topical. But many nonsteriodal topical products are on the market. A topical treatment won't address your dog's underlying allergy causes, but it can provide nonsteroidal relief. Ask your veterinarian about shampoos, rinses, lotions and sprays made specifically for itchy skin conditions. A lime sulfur dip can control many itchy skin problems, but it is malodorous. Also try witch hazel , and pure aloe vera gel. Ask your vet about topical steroids; side effects from skin absorption seem to be minor.

Topical steroids for pets

topical steroids for pets


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