Thyroid storm treatment steroids

Thyroid facts

Some thyroid diseases are autoimmune, including the more common Graves' disease and Hashimoto's thyroiditis . Autoimmune conditions involve responses by the immune system against the body of which it is a part.

The gland itself is controled by the hypothalamus (link between endocrine and nervous systems) and hypophysis (pituitary gland). In 1656, English anatomist Thomas Wharton was the first to identify the thyroid in modern times. Wharton's duct now holds his name.

The Greek word that spawned thyroid, Thyreos , means "shield." In humans, this gland commonly weighs between 12 and 20 grams, and its shape is reminiscent of a butterfly.

Radioactive iodine ablation has been safely used for over 50 years, and the only major reasons for not using it are pregnancy and breast-feeding. This form of therapy is the treatment of choice for recurring Graves' disease, patients with severe cardiac involvement, those with multinodular goiter or toxic adenomas, and patients who cannot tolerate antithyroid drugs. Radioactive iodine must be used with caution in patients with Graves' related eye disease since recent studies have shown that the eye disease may worsen after therapy. If a woman chooses to become pregnant after ablation, it is recommended she wait 8-12 months after treatment before conceiving.

Surgery was easy, even though I was of course, nervous. I made the surgical team laugh, that helped me. I remember telling EVERYONE I came contact with that I got VERY sick from anesthesia. I awoke from surgery, surprised at the lack of intense pain!! Didn't y'all just cut my throat? My pain was tolerable but I won't lie, I was happy for the pain meds for the 1st few days because I am a big baby. I did take longer off of work than I expected because I was just SO tired and I was on Synthroid + 1800 mg of calcium! I had an allergic reaction to the calcium because some types are made with oyster shell and I am allergic to shellfish.*****NOTE: no one said not to take calcium 5 hours after taking Synthroid! Gee thanks...

Thyroid storm treatment steroids

thyroid storm treatment steroids


thyroid storm treatment steroidsthyroid storm treatment steroidsthyroid storm treatment steroidsthyroid storm treatment steroidsthyroid storm treatment steroids