Tbol only kuur

Bater wrote:
Hey I'm just wondering if anybody here has actually tried an OT only cycle and what their results were like. I'm thinking something like 40-50mg/day for 4 weeks, followed by some Clomid. (I'm 24, 6' 185lb, approx 10%bf) I know its a light cycle, but it'll be my first. I'm also worried about liver tox, hence the reason for keeping it short. I'm not looking for huge gains and would like to start reasonably slow with regards to AAS. I've done some searching on the net, and the results I've found are few and far between at best from people who have actually tried it first hand. I'll probably get flamed for this post, but some help would definately be appreciated.

Hello guys i’m new on here just joined T Nation because it seems to have so much more useful and well informed information on the do’s and dont’s when it comes to taking oral supplements that boost your testosterone level and increase muscle mass, suffice it to say for obvious reasons because of my age my testosterone level has kind of flatlined for want of a better way of putting it…LOL, anyway i have heard a lot of chatter lately about something called T Bol being a great muscle and strength enhancer so i took the liberty of sending off for 200 tabs for a trial test run along with 100 anavar tabs 50mg in strength which i took 75mg in the morning and 75mg in the evening which boosted my lifts, anyway my point is, is T Bol worth the trip using these to build muscle mass whilst keeping the fluid retention to a minimum and increasing the vascularity and definition, I know that anavar does this anyway but i thought why not stack them both and see what happens where my lifts are concerned, anyway guys your feedback would be greatly appreciated on the issue of this T Bol that i am quite keen to try out, yours respectfully Martin

Stop the cycle now bro, youve only ran it for a week so it wouldn't have damaged your endocrine system too bad. Orals are pretty suppressive so you might want to run a short PCT like a week. Then you need to research more into why you need testosterone such as Test E or C as a base and why you shouldnt run cycles too young, You wont achieve any gains off this cycle bro, everything you gain will come right off when you stop the cycle, even with a good PCT. which is why you should stop now and save yourself the time, effort and money and research more.

Tbol only kuur

tbol only kuur