Steroid refractory aiha

All patients who participated in the 3 clinical trials described above were eligible for the extension study in which patients contined to receive eculizumab. Of 195 eligible patients, 187 enrolled in this long-term extension study which lasted 104 weeks. All patients sustained a reduction in intravascular hemolysis over a total eculizumab exposure time ranging from 10 to 54 months. There were fewer thrombotic events with eculizumab treatment than during the same period of time prior to treatment. However, the majority of patients received concomitant anticoagulants; the effects of anti-coagulant withdrawal during eculizumab therapy was not studied.

Several brands of IVIG have been approved by the Food and Drug Adminsitration (FDA) (see table in Appendix).  There is a lack of reliable evidence that any one brand of IVIG is more effective than other brands.  However, immune globulin products may differ from each other in ways that may be important in a particular patient.  Different manufacturers then use various combinations of precipitation and/or chromatography steps to obtain a final preparation that consists of greater than 95 % IgG in all currently available products.  The various manufacturers also use different final purification steps and stabilizers to obtain their final products, which may then vary in storage requirement and shelf life.  In several currently available products, stabilizers include sugars, such as sucrose, glucose, or maltose.  Other products contain amino acids such as glycine and proline.  The sodium content of different products also varies.

Q. What are the Symptoms of Anemia? Lately I've been feeling very tired. My friend suggested I might be anemic. What are the major symptoms of anemia? A. The symptoms of anemia vary according to the type of anemia, the underlying cause, and any underlying health problems. Anemia may be associated with other medical conditions such as hemorrhage, ulcers, menstrual problems or cancer -- and specific symptoms of those conditions may be noticed first.

The body also has a remarkable ability to compensate for early anemia. If your anemia is mild or developed over a long period of time, you may not notice any symptoms. Symptoms common to many types of anemia include the following:

Easy fatigue and loss of energy
Unusually rapid heart beat, particularly with exercise
Shortness of breath and headache, particularly with exercise
Difficulty concentrating
Pale skin
Leg cramps

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Steroid refractory aiha

steroid refractory aiha


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