Starting a dbol only cycle

Thanks a lot for ur help mate,
first of all, I checked my body fat and Im at 18%….
so as u said, it is either bulk or cut , Ive done a cycle for me and I want ur advise, (last one 🙂 )
week 1-4 test pro 150mg eod( mon-wed-fri)
week 1-10 test enan 350mg twice a week
week 11-12 test pro 150 eod( mon-wed-fri)
week 1-12 arimidex eod
week 1-6 dbol 30mg ed
week 13-14 rest
week 15-19 pct nolvadex.
test e and p are from concent rex.. called them enanTREX and propiTREX. (legit)
I want to know if this cycle sounds good?? and some help with the PCT please. and of course Im prepared to make changes…..
hope to hear from u soon, Im keen to start ASAP. and again thanks a lot mate.

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For most men, a dianabol cycle will last 6-8 weeks with 6 weeks being the most common; 8 weeks can be well-tolerated, but you must keep in mind the hepatotoxic nature of the hormone. Further, after 8 weeks, it's highly unlikely the steroid is going to keep providing the same kind of gains unless you up the dose, and that's not a responsible plan; you're better off working your Dbol in and out through various phases of use. In any case, most men will find 20mg per day to be the minimal dosing for a performance benefit with 30mg per day being far more common. If the hormone is tolerated well at these doses, most men will find they can handle 50mg per day, but you'll want to make sure you can handle a lower dose your first go around. Very few men will ever have a need to go above 50mg per day, and to be honest, if you can't grow substantially on 50mg of dianabol a day your hormones are either fake or something is wrong with the way you eat and train, and we mean horribly wrong.

Starting a dbol only cycle

starting a dbol only cycle


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