Professional bodybuilders use steroids

The side effects associated with steroid abuse are particularly negative for women, resulting in a whole range of various problems and unwanted effects including – but not limited to – deepening of the voice, increased body hair and clitoromegaly , or an abnormal enlargement of the clitoris. So take a look at the following professional female body builders and decide for yourself where you think the boundary between beauty/obsession lies and whether or not these people have left that line so far behind that they begin to lose all traces of their femininity. One note: The portraits are done by photographer Martin Schoeller as part of a series of portraits of female bodybuilders, check out some of his work here .

Q: Why do I get different readings when I change the gender or height information?
A: At this time, there is no absolute measurement of body fat other than an autopsy. Other body fat measurement methods (. Calipers, Underwater Weighing, BIA, etc.) will indirectly measure body fat. In order to determine body fat, an estimate is made from known measurements. Tanita uses the variables: height, weight and impedance to determine body fat percentage. These variables are used in a highly researched, proprietary formula to make the body fat assessment. If any of the variables are changed, the resulting body fat reading will also change. By artificially altering your height or weight, you will also alter the resulting reading. Because of the physiological differences between men and women, the monitors must be calibrated for men differently than women. Women will receive an incorrect low reading on the male mode and men will receive an incorrect high reading on the female mode. To obtain accurate readings, it is imperative that one use the proper gender mode. It is recommended that one monitor their body fat once a week, average the results for the month and then compare monthly averages to determine if there is a gain or loss of body fat over time. By eating right, exercising and monitoring your body fat, you are making the right steps for a healthier life.

Professional bodybuilders use steroids

professional bodybuilders use steroids


professional bodybuilders use steroidsprofessional bodybuilders use steroidsprofessional bodybuilders use steroidsprofessional bodybuilders use steroidsprofessional bodybuilders use steroids