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In Ancient Rome , fellatio was considered profoundly taboo. [35] Sexual acts were generally seen through the prism of submission and control. This is apparent in the two Latin words for the act: irrumare (to penetrate orally), and fellare (to be penetrated orally). Under this system, it was considered to be abhorrent for a male to perform fellatio, since that would mean that he was penetrated (controlled), whereas receiving fellatio from a woman or another man of lower social status (such as a slave or debtor) was not humiliating. The Romans regarded oral sex as being far more shameful than, for example, anal sex – known practitioners were supposed to have foul breath and were often unwelcome as guests at a dinner table. [35]

Joseph J. Fantuzzo, ., ., . , is both a physician  and  dentist who practices a full scope of oral & maxillofacial surgery. Dr. Fantuzzo is committed to providing compassionate, high quality care for children and adults. His expertise ranges from corrective jaw surgery to placement of dental implants , exposure of impacted canines  and  wisdom tooth removal . He also diagnoses and treats complex traumatic facial injuries , manages  oral & facial pathology,  and performs a full range of dental implant related and reconstructive  bone and soft tissue grafting procedures. 

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