Old east germany flag

Football is the most popular sport in Germany. The national team has won the FIFA World Cup 4 times ( 1954 , 1974 , 1990 and 2014 ), and appears in the finals a lot. The team also has had the most Euro titles than any other country. The top football league in Germany is Bundesliga . Also, the German Football Association ( Deutscher Fußball-Bund ) is the largest in the world. Some of the world's best Footballers came from Germany. These would include Miroslav Klose , Oliver Kahn , Gerd Müller , Michael Ballack , Bastian Schweinsteiger , Franz Beckenbauer , and so on. Plus, many tournaments have taken place in Germany. The most recent was the 2006 FIFA World Cup , and the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup . The Audi Cup takes place in Germany every year in Munich .

The flag with the Hakenkreuz and white disc centered was used throughout (1920–45) as the NSDAP party flag ( Parteiflagge ). [2] Between 1933 and 1935, it was used as the national flag ( Nationalflagge ) and merchant flag ( Handelsflagge ) - interchangeably with the black-white-red horizontal tricolour last used (up to 1918) by the German Empire . In 1935, the black-white-red horizontal tricolour was scrapped again, and the flag with the off-center Hakenkreuz and disc was instituted as the only national flag (and was to remain as such until 1945). The flag with the centered disc only continued to be used as the Parteiflagge after 1935.

Old east germany flag

old east germany flag


old east germany flagold east germany flagold east germany flagold east germany flagold east germany flag