Keloid scar steroid cream

Hi Dr Tan, I have 2 keloids; one on my ear, another one on my chest.
The keloid on my ear has been there for 4 years. I’ve had surgery twice at TTSH (year 2010 & 2013) and several steroid injections after the surgery. It was fine until recently the bump increased to almost 1cm.
The one on my chest has been there for almost 4 years as well. but i have not had any treatments for that, it’s approx 2cm big. i’ve seen positive treatments on cryotherapy or laser treatments… may i know the price of the treatments? i would also like to visit your clinic for appointment. isit better if i call or walk-in? thanks!

One more excellent home remedy for dealing with keloids is apple cider vinegar. Put a bit of apple cider vinegar right on the damaged skin region then delicately stimulate to ensure that the vinegar is correctly soaked into the skin layers. Let the apple cider vinegar to dried out for a couple minutes, after that replicate the procedure once again so that you can stimulate the curing progression. If apple cider vinegar leads to any type of skin discomfort, you may water it down. Replicate this method a couple of times every day for highest possible outcome.

Keloid scar steroid cream

keloid scar steroid cream


keloid scar steroid creamkeloid scar steroid creamkeloid scar steroid creamkeloid scar steroid creamkeloid scar steroid cream