East german uprising

Herzog, on behalf of Germany, was the first German statesman to apologize for German atrocities committed against the Polish nation during the Uprising. During the 60th anniversary of the Uprising in 2004, official delegations included: German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder , UK deputy Prime Minister John Prescott and US Secretary of State Colin Powell ; Pope John Paul II sent a letter to the mayor of Warsaw, Lech Kaczyński on this occasion. Russia once again did not send a representative. A day before, 31 July 2004, the Warsaw Uprising Museum opened in Warsaw.

As was typical of American slave insurrections, the uprising was short-lived and quickly crushed by local authorities. It lasted only a couple of days and did not overcome the local Government. [13] Showing planter influence, the legislature of the Territory of Orleans approved compensation of $300 to planters for each slave killed or executed. The Territory accepted the continued presence of US military troops after the revolt, as they were grateful for their presence. The insurrection was covered by national press, with Northerners seeing it arising out of the wrongs suffered under slavery. [22]

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East german uprising

east german uprising


east german uprisingeast german uprisingeast german uprisingeast german uprisingeast german uprising