East german invasion of czechoslovakia

Hitler tried to dissuade the British and the French from interfering in the upcoming conflict and on 26 August 1939 proposed to make Wehrmacht forces available to Britain in the future. [60] At midnight on 29 August, German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop handed British Ambassador Neville Henderson the list of terms that would allegedly ensure peace in regards to Poland. [61] Under the terms, Poland was to hand over Danzig ( Gdańsk ) to Germany, and there was to be a plebiscite ( referendum ) in the Polish Corridor within the year based on residency from 1919 (not after). [61] When the Polish Ambassador Lipski went to see Ribbentrop on 30 August and said that he did not have the power to sign anything of the sort, Ribbentrop dismissed him. [62] The Germans announced that Poland had rejected German offer and negotiations with Poland were finished. [63] On 31 August, German units posing as Polish troops staged the Gleiwitz incident near the border city of Gleiwitz . [64] The following morning Hitler ordered hostilities against Poland to start at 04:45 on 1 September. [62]

Along with the radar enhancements (which may or may not be delivered to foreign customers), Russia has a formidable integrated air defense system even though the size of its truly modern aircraft fleet is quite small compared to the United States and NATO. Russia lost a decade in the arms race when it had no money to develop and build new aircraft, and its economy today barely supports acquisition of effective numbers of new equipment. Indeed, one of the reasons Russia developed its air defenses along with wanting to counter US stealth aircraft and cruise missiles is because it could not afford a big fleet of modern fighter aircraft. (The US administration and Congress should pay close attention to Russia’s limited offensive capabilities, not too often done these days of anti-Russian hysteria in Washington.)

East german invasion of czechoslovakia

east german invasion of czechoslovakia


east german invasion of czechoslovakiaeast german invasion of czechoslovakiaeast german invasion of czechoslovakiaeast german invasion of czechoslovakiaeast german invasion of czechoslovakia