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The established merchants and plantation operators in the African colonies frequently managed to sway government policies. Capital investments by banks were secured with public funds of the imperial treasury to minimize risk. Dernburg, as a former banker, facilitated such thinking; he saw his commission to also turn the colonies into paying propositions. Every African protectorate built rail lines to the interior, [30] every colony in Africa and the Pacific established the beginnings of a public school system, [31] and every colony built and staffed hospitals. [32] Whatever the Germans constructed in their colonies was made to last. [33]

Unlike the prior German nationalism of 1848 that was based upon liberal values, the German nationalism utilized by supporters of the German Empire was based upon Prussian authoritarianism , and was conservative , reactionary , anti-Catholic , anti-liberal and anti-socialist in nature. [16] The German Empire's supporters advocated a Germany based upon Prussian and Protestant cultural dominance. [17] This German nationalism focused on German identity based upon the historical crusading Teutonic Order . [18] These nationalists supported a German national identity claimed to be based on Bismarck's ideals that included Teutonic values of willpower, loyalty, honesty, and perseverance. [19]

East german harness

east german harness


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