East german gas mask bag

A variation of the GP-5 gas mask is the GP-5m, which features a circular piece of metal that contains a thin piece of plastic on the inside, which acts as a voice diaphragm ('voicemitter'), as well as the dubious design for ear holes, which compromised the seal of the mask. The military version of the GP-5 uses a near-identical facepiece but with an elongated filter housing, to which is fitted a hose which in turn connects to a tall can-type filter which remains supported in the mask's haversack whilst the mask is worn. The GP-5 and military version were issued respectively to the civilian population and armed forces of the Soviet Union and it's Warsaw Pact allies, among which they were given differing designations. The East German Armed Forces designated the military version the SchM41M, and the variant with small eyepieces and a voicemitter for those with a need to use optical equipment (. officers - binoculars) was known as the SchMS.

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East german gas mask bag

east german gas mask bag


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