East german football

SAP Challenger Insights – helps the team prepare for each of their European Championship matches by providing data driven insights surrounding an opponent’s offensive and defensive tendencies, formations, and more. Accessed through the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, coaches can review the opposing team’s tactical characteristics and create an assumed match plan. The data is available through iPads that DFB players have in their lockers prior to a match or during halftime and delivers the assumed game plan of the opposing team so the team can familiarize themselves with opponent tendencies and reference past video replays.

Direct members of the DFB are only its five regional associations and its 21 state associations, along with the German Football League , whereas the clubs participating in the German football league system are members of the state associations covering their district. Today, more than 25,000 clubs are organised in those state associations, fielding nearly 170,000 teams with over two million active players and totalling over six million members, the largest membership of any single sports federation in the world. The DFB also has 870,000 female members and 8,600 female teams.

Groveton ISD celebrated Veterans Day in a big way. The Groveton ISD Veteran Honor Wall was covered with pictures and names of veterans, most of whom are family of current students. Veterans and their families were served barbecued brisket, sausage links, and all the trimmings by GHS' FCCLA class. Artwork adorned the walls along with essays covering topics from students recognizing the gifts from the Greatest Generation emphasis on Technology to thought provoking essays entitled, "America's Gifts to my Generation". Including World War II, the US soldiers have officially been involved in 24 wars or conflicts. From the Groveton News and Groveton ISD students and faculty, thank you to our heroes: US Veterans.
Photo by Martha Mericle

East german football

east german football


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