East german food

Hallo, problem with Schnaps-Sorted:D! You can buy that in every czech-slovak shops or in good polish shops . Called that:
“slivovice /slivovica / or slivka ” are plums schnaps.
“tresnonice/ tresna/ visna ” – are cherry chnaps.
“hruska / hrusnovice” – are pears schnaps.
For exemple you could buy on https:///czech-slovak-foods/shop/drinks/spirits-?p=2
And just i have note about also Quark, Kohlrabi and Sauerkraut 😉 are possible buy on sameplaces as schnaps 😉
Quark – tvaroh/ tvarog
Kohlrabi – kedllubna/ kalarepa
Sauerkraut – zeli/ kapusta/
Tchus 😉

As with bread, there are Würste , meaning sausages, of all sorts. While Berlin is notorious for its Currywurst , Bavarians eat Weisswurst mit Süßem Senf . The former is pretty self-explanatory; it is a sausage with curry on top. The latter, however, requires a bit more getting used to; Weisswurst is a white sausage that you have to peel, and to enhance its taste, people enjoy it with Süßem Senf , meaning sweet mustard. Another Bavarian treat is the Wollwurst , which combines calf and pork. In Thüringen or Nürnberg, in turn, try the Rostbratwurst mit Sauerkraut , a grilled sausage accompanied by sauerkraut.

East german food

east german food


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