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By the time the chyme has reached this tube, most nutrients and 90% of the water have been absorbed by the body. At this point some electrolytes like sodium , magnesium , and chloride are left as well as indigestible parts of ingested food (., a large part of ingested amylose , starch which has been shielded from digestion heretofore, and dietary fiber , which is largely indigestible carbohydrate in either soluble or insoluble form). As the chyme moves through the large intestine, most of the remaining water is removed, while the chyme is mixed with mucus and bacteria (known as gut flora ), and becomes feces. The ascending colon receives fecal material as a liquid. The muscles of the colon then move the watery waste material forward and slowly absorb all the excess water, causing the stools to gradually solidify as they move along into the descending colon . [31]

In the years that followed I was actually able to lift some decent weight. Realizing I was given a second chance, I adapted a healthy lifestyle. I resigned myself to the fact that my powerlifting days were done. The records of my accomplishments were in the books and I returned to my first weightlifting endeavor and re-immersed myself into bodybuilding. I was blessed to compete in bodybuilding again and was blessed even more with a title here and there. The bottom line is I did not give up on my gift of life.  I decided to live and pursue happiness and fulfillment of my aspirations.  Along the way I have been able to convey this same passion to others. I find joy in my experience with others, as they discover what they already possess! Today’s social media is an amazing fuckin thing!!! Through the miracle of it, I have been able to tell my story. Its incredible how we are all so fuckin connected! This is true in more ways than one.  I continue to tell my story and shed insight with others who actually are interested in my opinion or advice. I am happy to help. In return I receive thousands of kind messages and letters from people all over the world about how I have made a positive difference in their lives!  IMAGINE THAT???? HUMILITY does not even begin to scratch the surface. Me?  An old guy infatuated with weights, as it was and continues to be my instrument to transform and in some cases reinvent myself! Ultimately, I say follow your dreams, reach those “unattainable” goals, but also use your instincts and do not sacrifice your health!!!  Your body is a gift from God, your temple! In most cases we as human beings have full control of how we choose to sculpt our bodies. Do not take it for granted, we only get one! If you want to accomplish a physical task or condition, it is up to YOU (and the Good Lord willing). You will no doubt encounter obstacles, but bear in mind, “It’s Still Yo Mutha Fuckin Set!” It’s now 2016…and a lot has changed since last year!!!  I have decided to try my hand at processing your orders of Iron Addicts merchandise. I feel that more involvement by me and my family will make for a more gratifying experience. Gym wise: Iron Addicts Gym in Signal Hill, CA has opened its doors.  This is my first gym!!! There is also an Iron Addicts Gym in Las Vegas NV and as of April 23rd an Iron Addicts Gym in Miami, FL. Even more exciting gym news, there are plans this year for an Iron Addicts / Nitro Gym in AUSTRALIA!!! It is my goal that no matter where the fuck in the world that you are, you’ll be right at home at an Iron Addicts Gym near YOU!

Ct fletcher steroids youtube

ct fletcher steroids youtube


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