Can you refrigerate steroids

Salads are another must-have for keeping on hand. They can be prepped ahead of time, just be sure not to dress  them ahead of time so they don’t get soggy, but do be sure to cover them well. (Glass Pyrex storage dishes work great here.) Add some kale, spinach, romaine, tomatoes, cukes, and whatever other veggies you enjoy, give it all a good toss, and perhaps include some chopped avocado that you can use as a natural dressing. Or, prep a salad dressing for the week and carry it in individual containers for your salads so they’ll be read to go in no time. Feel free to use some of the grains, beans, and veggies above to use on your batch made salads as well.

I grew up with grandparents that lived through WWII Europe. I learned from my grandmother to never, ever refrigerate butter! We used to have a guy come around from the farm with fresh eggs, milk and butter in the 60s. None of it ever spoiled.

So my take is this: if you are sure that your dairy comes without chemical additives, it is safe to leave the butter out! I still buy only grassfed butter and it stays OUT until used up. Everything is just fine.

Nobody is dying. It is not spoiling or going rancid.

What matters is the QUALITY!

Can you refrigerate steroids

can you refrigerate steroids


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