Brassinosteroid production and signaling differentially

Cytokinins or CKs are a group of chemicals that influence cell division and shoot formation. They were called kinins in the past when the first cytokinins were isolated from yeast cells. They also help delay senescence of tissues, are responsible for mediating auxin transport throughout the plant, and affect internodal length and leaf growth. Cytokinins and auxins often work together, and the ratios of these two groups of plant hormones affect most major growth periods during a plant's lifetime. Cytokinins counter the apical dominance induced by auxins; they in conjunction with ethylene promote abscission of leaves, flower parts, and fruits. [16] The correlation of auxins and cytokinins in the plants is a constant (A/C = const.). [ citation needed ]

Research:  I am broadly interested in investigating novel strategies and refining existing restoration techniques that improve ecological sequestration of greenhouse gases in working landscapes and wild lands without significantly compromising on traditional restoration goals such as protecting biodiversity and safeguarding ecosystem services.  I would like to develop strategies of minimal intervention and disturbance that reduce the use of heavy machinery, herbicides, and chemical inputs to control cost and that are feasible in highly restricted or rugged areas such as designated Wilderness.  I hope to orient my research towards informing concrete policies and advocating for interagency and private-public coordinated action to protect the lands we depend on for our survival, quality of life, economy, and systems for these goals include grazed lands dominated by invasive annual grasses in California’s lower elevations and forest systems impacted by severe fire in the Sierra Nevada and California Coast ranges.

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Brassinosteroid production and signaling differentially

brassinosteroid production and signaling differentially


brassinosteroid production and signaling differentiallybrassinosteroid production and signaling differentiallybrassinosteroid production and signaling differentiallybrassinosteroid production and signaling differentiallybrassinosteroid production and signaling differentially