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Amos and Mr Wilks were on tap behind the bar for the entire 1980s. In July 1990 at Annie Sugden 's birthday party Amos suffered a stroke. He later decided to call time as lanlord. In January 1991 Amos retired to Spain.  Alan Turner bought the Wollpack off Amos. Mr Wilks moved into  Emmerdale Farm and carried on working at the pub. He was constantly irritated by Alan's modern ways of running the pub. Henry died suddenly in October 1991. Alan had a wine bar built at the back of the pub but it was destroyed in the 1993 plane crash. Alan married Shirley Foster in February 1994 but she was shot dead after being held hostage by Viv Windsor's crazed ex husband Reg Dawson. In early 1995, Alan took on managers Terry Woods and Britt Woods . When Amos came to the village again in June 1995, he was not pleased. He still dished out advice about his former pub.

Andy takes in Kerry Wyatt ( Laura Norton ) after her daughter Amy ( Chelsea Halfpenny ) throws her out. He confides in Kerry about his past and they bond over what they've been through. She cooks dinner for Andy and he tells her to stay another night as they kiss. Debbie goes into labour in October and gives birth to a boy and they name him Jack after Andy's late adoptive father. Andy and Amy share a kiss and Amy eventually tells Kerry. After a heated argument with Amy and her foster mother Val Pollard ( Charlie Hardwick ), Kerry slaps Amy, shocking Andy. Andy's relationship with Kerry comes to an end after Sarah and Jack are left in danger when Kerry gets drunk and drops a cigarette, starting a fire. Desperate to win Andy back, Kerry tells him she is pregnant but after a hit and run incident with Adam Barton and Robbie Macey, she tells Andy that she was never pregnant but that she loves him. Angry at her behaviour, he rejects her and dates Amy for a while. However, that ends after she kidnaps the son she gave up for adoption and plans to leave the country with him. Eric, Val and Cain catch up with Amy and she is persuaded to return Kyle to his grandmother but chooses to stay on the ferry, fearing criminal prosecution. Val blames Andy for not being able to make Amy stay in the village.

Other big names to exit the soap in the past year include Kelvin Fletcher, Bill Thomas and John Middleton. John played dementia sufferer Ashley Thomas, who Emma cruelly toyed with. Last month viewers bid farewell to Ashley , who dies just a few days after being diagnosed with pneumonia. During an appearance on This Morning , John said that his final scenes were "an extraordinary thing to film," adding: "The atmosphere on set was amazing… You could have heard a pin drop. The team really wanted to finish the story well."

Andy off emmerdale steroids

andy off emmerdale steroids


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